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Designed for harsh environments

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When your application requires a sensor that is designed to work in harsh environments the following sensors are possible solutions to your application needs:


TH1 Series
  • For hydraulic and pneumatic applications

  • Rod style transducer

  • Magnetostrictive non-contact technology

  • Unlimited mechanical life

  • No velocity limit for marker

  • Outstanding linearity to < 50 µm

  • Resolution to 16 bits regardless of stroke length

Product Information
TP1 Series
  • Magnetostrictive touchless technology

  • Stroke lengths from 50 to 4500 mm

  • Outstanding linearity: to 10 micrometers

  • Resolution to 0.001 mm regardless of stroke length

  • No reference start position needed

  • Programmable end points on analog model

  • No velocity or acceleration limits for position markers

  • Low temperature coefficient to 15 ppm

  • Analog, Quadrature, Start/Stop, SSI and DyMoS interface

  • Cable or connector versions

  • Protection class to IP 68

  • Unlimited mechanical life

Product Information
LWX Series
  • Protection class IP 67

  • Withstands oil and water environments

  • All metal housing

  • Corrosion resistant

  • Patented differential pressure compensation system

  • Independent linearity to 0.04%

  • Shaft protected version available

  • Stroke lengths of 75 to 750 mm

Product Information