Angle Sensors

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An angle sensor is a mechatronic device that measures and converts mechanical rotation into a scaled electrical signal. The signal can be used in a motion control system to enable angular movement and positioning of a moving machine component. Novotechnik is a leading manufacturer angle sensors for industrial, medical, offhighway, automotive, marine, robotics, amusement and other applications. There are several categories of angle sensors including Touchless, non-contacting with shaft, hollow-shaft, multi-turn and open systems. View the Applications page in the navigation above to learn about many of the applications Novotechnik position sensors are found in.

Touchless Angle Sensors

This type of sensor makes use of a magnet attached to an application’s moving part that the user needs to track the angular position of. Vert-X 31E Series of touchless angle sensors measure rotary motion from 0 to 360 degrees and are available with any of eight different output interfaces. These rotary sensor outputs include analog outputs of 4 to 20 mA current, 0.1 to 10 V, and 0.5 to 4.5 V, as well as digital outputs including incremental, PWM, SPI and SSI.

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Shaft-Type Angle Sensors

Novotechnik manufactures a wide range of shaft-Type angle sensors using various technologies. These include non-contacting magnetic, potentiometric, semi-hollow-shaft as well as stainless steel housings and shaft for extremely harsh environments. Many models are programmable to produce a custom angular range, span, switch outputs and more. Some models are available with partial or full redundancy.

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Hollow-Shaft Sensors

These rotary sensors are available in a range of hole sizes from 6 to 30 mm to accommodate various rod sizes and attach with a set screw. from Novotechnik. Angle sensors with a D-Shaft type with Novotechnik’s WAL 200, 300 and 305 Series sensor families.

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Multi-Turn Angle Sensors

This type of sensor is used for applications requiring angle measurement and counting the number of turns a machine component makes. Novotechnik multi-turn sensors use magnetic and other technologies so they are mechanically wear free and retain values even after an extensive time when power is restored. Available angular measurements are 0 to 5,760 degrees.

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Automotive Angle Sensors

Novotechnik manufactures application-specific, general and custom angle sensors specifically for automotive applications. Some are for racing teams, others for high volume production vehicles and still other models are for off-highway applications. A few of the applications are steering wheel angle, throttle control and transmission gearselector position.

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Open Systems Angle Sensors

Certain minimal-space applications, referred to as flat, may require angle sensors in the form of an open system. Novotechnik manufactures the PRS Series for this type of application. The system consists of an element and wiper pair.

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