Position Sensors

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Position sensor - a mechatronic device that converts mechanical motion into an electrical signal. The signal can be used in a motion control system to enable precise positioning of a moving machine component. Novotechnik is a leading manufacturer of industrial linear position sensors. There are several categories of these sensors including Touchless, Rod-Type, In-Cylinder, Side-Actuated and others.

Touchless Linear Position Sensors

This type of sensor utilizes either a free-floating magnet attached to an application's moving part that the user needs the position of. There is also a real-guided version.

TP1 Series of touchless sensors measure linear motion and is available in stroke lengths of 0 to 50 mm up to 0 to 4,250 mm (about: 2 in to 14 feet). These sensors offer a wide variety of analog and digital outputs to choose from.

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Rod Type Position Sensors

Novotechnik manufactures a wide range of rod-Type position sensors from 0 to 10 mm stroke lengths to 0 to 750 mm stroke lengths. Varieties include non-contacting magnetic, potentiometric, steel sleeved for extremely harsh environments and programmable. Some models have pivot head mounting to compensate for lateral movement of the moving application part they are attached to.

View Novotechnik’s line of rod-type sensors

View Novotechnik’s rod-type linear position sensors with a return spring

In-Cylinder Linear Position Sensors

This type of sensor is used for hydraulic and pneumatic applications. Novotechnik in-Cylinder sensors use magnetostrictive technology so they are mechanically wear free. Available stroke lengths are 0 to 50 mm up to 0 to 4,250 mm.

Side-Actuated Linear Position Sensors

Two types of side-actuated position sensors are available from Novotechnik. The TP1 Series uses touchless magnetic technology and the TLH is potentiometric. Stroke lengths covered are from 0 to 50 mm to 0 to 4,500 for TP1 Series and 0 to 100 mm to 0 to 3,000 mm for TLH Series.