Applications – Agriculture

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Product: Vert-X 27

Heavy equipment for agriculture, construction or even the harvester shown here, have benefitted from Vert-X 27 touchless rotary position sensors. These vehicles can subject sensors to high axial and radial forces. The Vert-X 27 is touchless and inherently experiences zero force and zero wear.

Hay Baler

Product: RFC4800

A big hay baler manufacturer needed a better sensor to improve sealing, enable smoother hydraulic control and have an output suited for mobile applications. The RFC4800 Series of angle sensors met their needs for controlling the bale fork lift as well as turntable rotation and tilt.

Onion Processing Machine

Product: TX2

The TX2 Series of linear position sensors enabled an onion processing machine manufacturer to monitor the cutting blade height for trimming the top and bottom of onions automatically. A vision and control system integrated with the TX2 helped the manufacturer upgrade their manual height adjustment machine to automatic.

Commercial Mower

Product: RFD 4000

A commercial mower manufacturer needed a small, touchless sensor to accurately measure the position of the mower arms as they are lowered, raised or locked in position. Novotechnik’s RFD 4000 met their requirements including sealing to IP 69K, temperature range of -40 to +125 °C as well as high shock and vibration tolerance. They are ideal for applications where continuous exposure to the elements is expected.