Applications – Production Machinery

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Coating and Lamination Machinery Tension

Product: RSC 2800

Used in a closed loop system to control motor speed and power output, the RSC 2800 Series angle sensor measures the rotary position of floating rollers on the machine.

Paper Cutting Machine

Product: TLM

A TLM Series of touchless linear position sensors measures the travel length of a cylinder. It is connected to a PLC for accurate positioning of the cutting blade.

Cardboard Gluing Machine

Product: RSM 2800 Series

A gluing machine manufacturer needed a sensor for their rack and pinion type paper feeder, to obtain position information enabling automated adjustment of frame position for different types of paper. They wanted to replace an encoder with an absolute sensor that could measure multiple turns and had long life. Novotechnik’s RSM 2800 Series was a perfect match for the application.

Foil Packaging Machine

Product: SP2841

Our customer manufactures machines for wrapping products in foil. In order to hold the draw-off speed of the foil constant, a dancer stirrup which has an angle sensor mounted in its center of motion is used.

A specially designed sensor potentiometer SP2841 in a special design with an anti-deformation socket, cable and M12 cable box is used. The sensor signal affects the frequency converter in such a way that the draw-off speed of the foil remains constant.

Injection Molding Machine

Product: LWH or TLH

De-icing airplanes is serious business, so in designing vehicles with apparatus to de-ice, nothing is left to chance. The de-icing spray is delivered to plane surfaces via a sprayer at the end of an extendable boom to lift the operator and sprayer to a working height above the wing of a plane. Novotechnik’s RSM 2800 magnetic encoder measures the turns and angular position of the boom’s gearwheel with 16-bit resolution in a small package.

Wire Enameling Drawing Speed Control

Product: IP 6500

This customer manufactures wire-enameling machines. Novotechnik's IP 6500 rotary potentiometer is mounted on a dancer arm. The dancer controls the speed of the main drive of the drawing machine as a function of the enameling equipment wire-speed. An increase of the diameter of the coil increases the wire speed. The slack in the wire to be coiled-up then becomes smaller. The IP 6500 detects this variation in the dancer arm position, and the speed of the wire coil is reduced accordingly. Thus the take-up speed of the wire is effectively monitored and regulated constantly.

The main criteria for selecting our IP 6500 are long life and the protection degree IP65, because during the manufacturing process of wire-enameling our customer needs to monitor the operation constantly over a fairly small electrical angle.