Applications – Automotive/Mobile

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Firetruck Nozzle Positioning

Product: Vert-X 1300 Series

Water cannons are known as monitors in the trade and are used to put out fires using a powerful spray of water. Monitors are used by fire departments across the U.S. and for other applications.

Accurately measuring the vertical and horizontal angles of the spray nozzle using Vert-X 1300 Series non-contact angle sensors allows users to automate and remote control their monitors so, for example, firefighters can keep a safe distance and handle more tasks on the scene. The Vert-X 1300 was selected for its precision, reliability, durability and ability to provide the correct position of the monitor nozzle even after a power failure.

Race Car Steering

Product: SP 2800 rotary sensors, non-contacting

These customers are automotive racing teams. Their cars compete in racing events of the world's top two racing organizations.

Novotechnik's non-contacting rotary sensor is used for detecting the steering angle. The range used has a maximum 270° angle. The voltage output signal is directly supplied to and processed in the racecar's engine management system.

Trailer for Oversized Loads - Wheel Positioning

Product: RFC 4800

RFC 4800 Series of angle sensors monitor the position of each wheel on a customizable flatbed/step-deck semi-trailer. Wheels can be positioned independently for turning while transporting very large and long loads.

Sections of trailer can be added to lengths that require many dozens of wheels.

F1 Racecar Steering

Product: RSM 2800

RSM 2800 Series of sensors measures the steering wheel position and number of turns. It was selected for reliability and versatility.

Racecar Gear Position

Product: RFC 4800

De-icing airplanes is serious business, so in designing vehicles with apparatus to de-ice, nothing is left to chance. The de-icing spray is delivered to plane surfaces via a sprayer at the end of an extendable boom to lift the operator and sprayer to a working height above the wing of a plane. Novotechnik’s RSM 2800 magnetic encoder measures the turns and angular position of the boom’s gearwheel with 16-bit resolution in a small package.

Accelerator Controller, Throttle Valve

Product: Resistance Elements XP Series

The computerized, electronic engine output control system achieves an optimal fuel consumption and supplies information for controlling the number of revolutions during idle, cruise control, and even an anti-break-away slide controller. This modern system makes a significant contribution to environmental protection.

The accelerator sensor transmits the position of the gas pedal to the controller and influences the air-to-fuel ratio by the position of the throttle valve.

Wheel Vector Sensing

Product: Rotary sensor P6501

Among other things, the wheel vector sensors are used for studying camber angle variations (e.g. when cornering), measuring wheel position variations and recording positions while driving on test courses and racing tracks for simulators.

These types of sensors provide important basic characteristics for design purposes, e.g. dimensioning wheelhouses, wheel suspension systems or determining the stress of the material of the tires.

The five P6501 sensors included in the wheel vector sensor device detect all motions of the wheel. Using a vector-based computing process, the wheel positions are calculated from the sensor signals. The wheel vector sensor device outputs the measured data of the P6501 sensors, individually, in proportion to the motion.

Motor Management Accelerator Controller / Throttle Valve

Product: Resistance Elements XP Series

The manufacturer of the waste disposal truck pictured here looked for value and reliability in a position sensor to monitor the lift and dump mechanism for its trucks. The Vert-X 28 excelled as it replaced four potentiometers with a single non-contact sensor that is impervious to dust and experiences no wear. The one sensor doing the job of four is possible because the Vert-X 28 series contains four functions in a single unit.